Blended Program with Teaching Experience

Asian College of Teachers offers various online/distance TEFL courses to candidates aspiring to learn the different ESL/EFL teaching methodologies and classroom management techniques and become a successful educator for learners belonging from varied race, culture and background. Therefore, if you are looking to teach in various organisations in the many new locations around the world and be a part of some of the best institutes in the world, pursuing a TEFL program is the solution.

With more and more aspirants enrolling themselves in online/distance courses, whereby they pursue the course online and get access to the study materials online, as well as receive the necessary support related to the course from the online tutors or in case of distance candidates they are provided with printed study materials as well as audio-visual materials. However, it remains a glitch for the candidates that they do not get the requisite exposure of real classrooms. Keeping this in mind, ACT has come up with a program to address this issue by offering a 2 day weekend Blended Program with Teaching Experience whereby they can interact with our tutors face-to-face and solve their doubts and queries. The participants also receive a globally recognised Participation Certificate from ACT, which is aimed at providing the right edge to their career.

Course Duration

The Blended Program with Teaching Experience is a 2 day weekend program where various important topics related to TEFL/TESOL are discussed by our experienced trainers including Lesson Planning, Classroom Management and Peer Teaching. These things though explained properly in theories also need some practical explanation from experts related to this field so that the candidates can build their confidence in being able to single-handedly conduct classes.

The main purpose of this program is to raise the teacher's awareness on the various approaches that an efficient ESL/EFL educator must possess in order to effectively involve the learners in the learning processes and be recognised by various organisations around the world. In the class, the candidates will also learn to develop a positive rapport with students of all ages and also include different learning styles with innovative teaching strategies to keep their interest in the lesson alive.

Course Fee

The 2 days’ Blended Program with Teaching Experience is available at a reasonable course fee of 10,000 INR (inclusive of 18% GST). The course fee payment details will be mailed to the candidates once they agree to be part of this program. The course fee can be paid through online payment using Debit / Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to ACT’s bank account.

Mode of Learning

As mentioned above, our 2 days’ Blended Program with Teaching Experience will be conducted in the various locations in India. The candidates can choose any location site as per their convenience and enrol themselves in the program. For our online candidates who feel that having some amount of practical training will be beneficial for developing/honing their knowledge and skills, enrolling in our program. 2 days’ Blended Program with Teaching Experience will certainly be helpful, not to mention the boost that the participation certificate will provide to the candidates in developing their professional career.


  • On completion of the TEFL Course, candidates receive a globally recognised certificate from ACT, accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
  • On attending the 2 days’ weekend Blended Program with Teaching Experience, the candidates receive a globally recognised Participation Certificate from ACT

The Blended Program with Teaching Experience Certificate is well accepted by employers all around the world, thereby providing you with the advantage over other online candidates.

Upcoming Blended Program with Teaching Experience Dates

  • 6th Apr - 7th Apr - Bangalore
  • 6th Jul - 7th Jul - Bangalore
  • 13th Apr - 14th April Delhi
  • 15th June - 16th June - Delhi
  • 6th Apr - 7th Apr - Mumbai
  • 8th Jun - 9th Jun - Mumbai
  • 18th May - 19th May - Kolkata
  • 6th Jul - 7th Jul - Delhi

Support for Course

At Asian College of Teachers, we have qualified and experienced tutors to guide all candidates after getting enrolled in online/distance TEFL course. The tutors are committed to help the candidates for achieving their learning objectives as well as personal goals wherein it builds confidence and polishes their presentation skills in classroom. With years of valuable experience, and teaching a range of students belonging to different age groups and nationalities, the tutors share their valuable experience to their students during this Blended Program with Teaching Experience. They also extend their tutoring support by giving relevant information related to the course content. Online TEFL course offers flexible learning where the candidates can take the opportunity to learn at their own pace and at the same time can avail weekend classes to get a feel of real classroom.

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Our Accreditations

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  • MCA
  • AICE
  • TESOL Canada
  • TQUK
  • Cambridge English
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