Diploma in Teaching and Training with Specialization in TEFL

Asian College of Teachers offers a finely crafted course to touch upon the various aspects of teaching and training with a special emphasis on teaching English as a foreign language. Diploma in Teaching and Training with Specialization in TEFL instils the wide ranging knowledge of teaching along with the nitty-gritty of TEFL scenario. The course also consists of the Train the Trainer course component which is a methodically designed course to provide you a complete guidance about the nuances of corporate training. Along with that you will get the Education Management course which aims to produce effectively trained teaching professionals and administrators who are planning to venture into training and the administrative wing of an educational organization. In short the course will give you an all encompassing know how to start off a fulfilling career.

Course Duration

The course is of 360 hours duration which can be completed within 15 months. The course will be an added advantage as it encompasses courses like TEFL, Train the Trainer and Education Management. It is helpful to increase the competency in a modern job industry. The course will boost your career and travel opportunities. This course is mostly helpful for the experienced teachers who want to add a latest boost to their CV. This course is perfect start for an exciting life and a new career in the field of teaching, training and educational administration.

Course Fee

Diploma in Teaching and Training with Specialization in TEFL can be availed at a reasonable course fee of 44,250/- INR inclusive of 18% GST. The course fee payment details will be mailed to the candidates once the enrolment is complete. The course fee can be paid through online payment using Debit / Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to ACT’s bank account. This diploma course will be a great way to enhance your capability in order to serve a wide platform

Mode of learning

The course is available in online mode hence you can easily carry on with the course along with your other commitments. Only you need to have the necessary knowledge in computer and you can opt for the course. The course can be availed with basic internet connection. You can download the course materials from any part of the world and can complete the course as per your own convenience.


You will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded jointly by TESOL Canada and Asian College of Teachers (ACT). The course is accredited by TESOL Canada, the registered founding member of TESOL Québec, TESOL Ontario and TESOL British Columbia. Internationally TESOL Canada is an associated member of TESOL U.S.A., TESOL European Union EUTA, TESOL Asia, TESOL Middle East and TESOL South America.

After you complete the course you can also apply for TESOL Board exam through TESOL Canada to receive an exclusive TESOL Certificate certified and notarized by Canada and USA government. The word “Online” will not be mentioned in the certificate which is an added advantage. Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost but the candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional USD 25 (South East Asian & Middle Eastern Countries) and USD 35 (rest of the world) as certificate dispatch fee. The certificates will reached to the designated address within 3 weeks.

Support for course

You will get absolute guidance from the knowledgeable tutors of Asian College of Teachers who are dedicated to guide all through the course to attain the learning goals. All the trainers are TESOL certified and the constant tutor and back end support helps you to learn at your own pace and clear all your doubts as and when necessary. You can opt for online chatting and direct phone calls on weekdays between 10 am and 6 pm and can discuss any course related problem and clear your doubts. You can also contact the coordinators and trainers on weekends on scheduled time.


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