We, at Asian College of Teachers, give 100% assistance to our trainees in helping them get teaching jobs of their choice after successful completion of the course. We try to place them in various countries in South-East Asia as well as other locations, according to the requirements of schools and universities and their educational qualifications, work experience etc. Our placement department is impressive and constantly strives to find suitable jobs for our trainees that will help them start an exciting, challenging and a new career. Our placement wing always provides reassurance to the trainees by being there to listen to their concerns, answer their innumerable questions and sort out their problems. This could cover a range of topics from the course content, to cultural differences, to employment possibilities and anything else the trainees want to discuss.

There are a few basic steps that need to be followed if placement assistance is required:

  • Post your resume online for schools and universities to view
  • You must mail us your resume and photograph
  • You are then sent a variety of teaching options to choose from
  • You also have the option to publish your video resume on TESOL Café for hundreds of employers to see

Corporate Training - Due to the growth and expansion in international trade and commerce, there is an increasing need for people in business to be able to communicate effectively with those they’re dealing with on a regular basis. That’s the reason English is now seen as a global language which connects people living in different parts of the world and therefore, there’s a growing demand for knowing this language in the corporate sector. Companies benefit if their employees make successful presentations and clinch lucrative deals. Corporate trainers who teach business English to such employees are therefore, in great demand and can earn handsomely.

Voice and Accent Training - The boom in the BPO industry has created a huge requirement for people who can converse clearly and effectively with people living in different parts of the world. However, the problem is that most of the callers don’t have the right accent or can’t speak English very well. This is the reason teachers with the right accent and a high level of English are in great demand to train the callers working at BPO centres.


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